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In short, ClassCAD is a framework for developing CAD-based applications; ClassCAD enables the efficient development of complex applications that require classic CAD-functionality.

Superior know-how

AWV Informatik AG has been tackling technical challenges for many years, first and foremost in the surroundings of CAD technology.

CAD/CAM goes Web

Do CAD/CAM solutions have to be static and only available offline? We don't think so! ClassCAD enables web-based applications and solutions while providing some key-features usually only heavy stand-alone CAD can offer.

Research Excellence

By involving ourselves in the development of new technologies we're not only following trends, but we're actively taking part in setting them and shaping the future of CAD/CAM technology.

Parametric CAD Conversion

AWV Informatik is capable of converting original data from different CAD systems to neutral and other native formats.